What is Facebook Code Generator (Android/iOS)

What is Facebook Code Generator (Android/iOS)

If you are looking for complete information about the Facebook Code Generator, then you are at the Right Place. I’ll be giving you complete information regarding it and will provide steps to setup it.

Facebook has become an important part of our life. Facebook is a Social Networking website. As it helps us to interact with other people, around the Globe. Also, it provides us privacy for our data in many ways. But as a user, most of us compromise with our security by ourselves by not using complex passwords. Let me ask you a question:- Are you confident with your password.

Instead, of having unique passwords, they can still know our confidential password.  Techniques like keyloggers, cookies capturing can be used to know our passwords easily. So that’s why just to have an extra security layer, Facebook provides us Facebook Code Generator.

What is Facebook Code Generator?

Code Generator is a type of 2-step authentication. Means while logging from a new device in your account, a unique code will be asked every time. This makes our account safe. And this code will be provided either via Facebook app or message to the registered mobile number to your mobile.

In case someone knows your password then they should enter your unique code, generated by Facebook code Generator.  

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Use Facebook Code Generator in Android/iOS:

So to enable 2-step Authentication you must follow the following steps given below:

  1. Open your Facebook App in Android/iOS:
  2. Go to more options by clicking on the right side of the Header.
  3. Now click Settings and Privacy
  4. Next, Click on Code Generator
  5. If you haven’t activated 2-Step Authentication then activate it by clicking on Activate
  6. Next to it, you will be shown your code. Every code has a validity of 60 seconds.
    Now, this code can be used to authenticate on every new device login.


How to reset Facebook code:

Follow the above steps menti0ned steps.

  1. Click on My code doesn’t work
  2. Now click on the Reset button. A new code will be generated.

It might be difficult for you to login if you have completely lost your device

In conclusion, I’ll recommend you setup code generator, to give you extra security to you Facebook profile.

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